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Leading Self and Others Through Uncertainty

We're here to help you reframe uncertainty as the gateway to possibility.


Susannah and Nathan: co-authors, The Upside of Uncertainty

What's in The Upside?

Drawing upon scientific research, interviews with world-renowned entrepreneurs, leaders, and creatives, as well as our own personal stories, The Upside lays out the skillset, outlook, and tools you can rely on to find the possibility on the other side of uncertainty.

Develop your Uncertainty Ability:

  • Resilience and confidence

  • Ambiguity tolerance

  • Adaptive decision making

  • Creative resource management

  • Facility finding direction and inspiration

  • Prep work for planned uncertainties

  • Frustration management

  • Ingenuity in unknown landscapes 

Uncertainty precedes possibility

Whether you are searching for the courage to start a new project, change careers, start a business, achieve personal transformation, or respond to a life change or disappointment, you will face uncertainty—that ambiguous and uncomfortable state that often makes us feel confused, anxious, and afraid to act. Your uncertainty ability is what you can rely on to feel calm and empowered to act.

"The major difference between the authors and Aristotle is that Nathan and Susannah provide us with a toolkit to achieve personal growth and success rather than provide a theoritcal description of how such growth can occur"


Now available as an online course

We've captured all the key insights, stories, and tools and recorded an engaging presentation of the Upside framework, ideal for those who learn best through visuals and audio.

Praise for The Upside

Named one of the 10 Best Business Books of 2022 by Forbes

Beautifully demonstrates that uncertainty is the essence of life—an engine that drives us forward and that leads to opportunities. Nothing could be more important!​

— Tina Seeling, Exec. Director, Knight-Hennessey Scholars Program; Professor of the Practice, Dept. of Management Science & Engineering, Stanford University

This is a powerful book, and one that you could return to time and again. It will help you to not only face uncertainty, but thrive because of it. If there is one book you read this year, make it this one.

— The Institute of Leadership and Management, Edge magazine

The Upside of Uncertainty is packed with insights into how we make life's most important decisions. It will most certainly change the trajectory of your career. It may even change your life.

— Erin Meyer, professor, INSEAD; New York Times–bestselling coauthor, No Rules Rules

Uncertainty is the very lifeblood of entrepreneurship. Should be required reading for anyone getting ready to dive into the unpredictable world of entrepreneurship.

— David Hornik, Founding Partner, Lobby Capital

From our readers

It is a must-read for any individual looking to increase their confidence and their ability to take risks and ultimately live a more fulfilled life.

With the right intention, some can use it as an overarching life guide, probably to great success. It is a book I wish I had been offered when starting my adult life. Or that it be offered to every parent, as it provides a blueprint for the blossoming of humans in the face of life uncertainties.

…a sophisticated yet accessible guide to turning uncertainty into a force for creativity, positive action and good.

A unique, powerful combination of science, philosophy, logic, history, psychology, and everything poetic, thoughtful and human unified with storytelling. With it, I can move mountains, dream bigger, and live a happier, more productive life.

This program arrived at the right moment, when I felt the need for a turning point in my professional career and even to have a project in parallel with my professional career. Here I found the tools I need to navigate through uncertain times.

The Furrs wrote a practical, extensive and personal account … copies of which I will be gifting in my network for years to come. This is a splendid job of cataloging the available scientific research on the fringes of a wide array of diverse domains, completed with interviews of some of the most expansive minds of our generation. I can’t recommend it enough.

Very useful for many reasons. 1. Recognition that uncertainty is increasing and that everybody is challenged by that. 2. The tools are very useful both from a practical as well as from a motivational point of view. 3. The stories bring it to life. Certainly a very important part of the proportion. Everything is very relevant, useful and compelling.

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