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Upside Broadcast

"Whether you’re searching for the courage to start a new project, change careers, launch a business, or reinvent yourself, you will face uncertainty. How can we best navigate the unknown?"


For many of us, uncertainty can be nerve-racking. That reaction, however, obscures a crucial fact: uncertainty and possibility are two sides of the same coin.


"When you realize you probably have enough, you become much less anxious about uncertainty: you think, ‘I could try something new, I have enough,’ rather than, ‘How do I get more?"


"Having this belief that you have to go through uncertainty to get to possibility. It's really about believing that you can get through those human wirings and go for what you really want to do. "


In a hour video podcast, Nathan and Susannah discuss The Upside and their experiences working together on the project: the good and bad.


Uncertainty is a huge driver of stress and stagnation, but behind it is a world of possibility. How can you push through the fear of the unknown and not be paralyzed by it? Join Nina Melendez in conversation.

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