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Leadership in Uncertainty

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We train leaders in developing uncertainty ability—a distinct skillset for navigating unknown landscapes, driving adaptive decision making, creative resource management, and facility finding direction and inspiration.

Our framework provides a guide for meeting every phase of uncertainty.


Leaders who frame the current transformation or crisis as navigable will inspire and motivate teams to do their best work. 


Great leaders prepare self and situation by understanding their “risk profile” and by creating islands of certainty.


Taking action is one of the best ways to resolve uncertainty. Basing action on values, small experiments and cognitive flexibility ensures brilliant decisions and moving forward.


Encourage yourself and your team through undesirable surprises and setbacks by frustration management practices and dynamic leadership involving emotional hygiene, reality check and serendipity.






“The future will belong to companies whose senior executives remain calm.”

McKinsey Quarterly December 2008

"The single biggest predictor of executive success is how do you deal with abiguity"

Sam Yagan, cofounder, SparkNotes and OkCupid; former CEO,

Uncertainty ability training teaches:

1) Reframing uncertainty as the necessary precursor of desired possibility.

2) Expanding ambiguity tolerance and resilience.

3) Developing ingenuity and confidence in the face of the unknown.

We offer a variety of modules to best suite your needs:



An overview of the Upside philosophy and framework. Book a keynote to inform/energize your team in reframing uncertainty or use as a kick-off for taking the online course together.



Lecture and breakout application sessions (F2F or virtual). We will speak directly to your organization and lead practice working through your existing present scenarios. 



Hands-on, community building events. We will lead in-depth training and application workshops. Retreats strengthen vitality and solidify frameworks through uncertainty. 

"Beautifully demonstrates that uncertainty is the essence of life. Nothing could be more important!"

— Tina Seeling, Exec. Director, Knight-Hennessey Scholars Program; Professor of the Practice, Dept. of Management Science & Engineering, Stanford University

Who we are

Trainings are led by Nathan and Susannah: co-authors, The Upside of Uncertainty: A Guide to Finding Possibility in the Unknown.


Nathan R. Furr is a professor of strategy and innovation at INSEAD in Paris and a recognized expert in the fields of innovation and technology strategy. His bestselling books include The Innovator's Method, Leading Transformation, and Innovation Capital. He works with leading companies such as Google, Microsoft, Citi, ING, Philips, Solvay, and others. He is also the father of four children.


Susannah Harmon Furr is an entrepreneur, designer, art historian, and contrarian. She founded a women's clothing line and is currently cultivating a biointensive garden as part of a larger hope accelerator in Normandy. She is the mother of the same four children as Nathan.

Next steps

Schedule a brief call or contact us by email to discuss your organization's needs.

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