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UP  Workshops for Individuals

"The practical tools! I can start applying them already."

We usher an exciting variety of possibility into being only when we face situations that are distressingly unknown, ambiguous, complicated, seemingly doomed to ruin us or, in other words, suck. The bigger (read: the more anxiety-producing) the uncertainty, the more tools required.


Drawing on stories, personal application and breakout sessions, workshops help you navigate the uncertainty you already face and increase your possibility quotient (the likelihood you will find and engage new possibility).

Breakouts, reflection question periods, q & a with N & S, and community connections that last beyond the course.

A brief introduction to UP Workshops

Workshop Preferences

We have run several workshops and loved the community that has joined us. We would love for you to be part of the next group. As we are planning the next workshop, we want to hear from you about what would be most helpful.

Please share your interests for a future workshop
What workshop formats interest you? Choose one or more:
If we offered deep-dive workshops around a specific theme, which of the below would be most helpful? Choose one or more:
Would you be interested in a long weekend workshop (Thursday through Sunday) in a relaxing setting for a deep dive into the Upside tools?

Thank you! We'll let you know when the next workshop is scheduled.

We have talked with many individuals who are uncommonly gifted at navigating uncertainty (entrepreneurs, managers,  educators, artists) but we also draw on our own wrestle with uncertainty in education and careers, in parenting four spirited kids, in our marriage of 25 years, in our daily experience as foreigners, and as marchers to different drums.



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