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Personal Real Options

Options are the coveted incentive that come with the most exciting job offers. Promising the best price or right to something if you want it down the road, options give a sense of abundance and reward, long before you ever use them. In a similar way, setting up personal real options for yourself will diminish the likelihood that you miss out on a fabulous opportunity while you delivered on your main focus in life (career, raising kids, etc). Bringing them to a front burner and letting your enjoyment or belief in them stir for a bit, lessens the chances you will miss out on an important life's work or, in a fit of despair, leave everything else so you can focus entirely on it only to find you preferred it as a side project.  


Like a healthy portfolio of investments, learning to diversify and nurture side projects, hobbies, and talents alongside your plan A is a powerful PRIME tool that seeks to create possibility now instead of waiting till everything else is completed, perfected or till you’re retired.


Finding and planning in time and energy now for other ideas, projects and passions, even if it’s only a small slice of time each week, is a powerful vote towards increasing your possibility quotient.

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