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What is UP?

Uncertainty and possibility;

Two sides of the same coin.

UP School was founded in 2020 to encourage people to see possibility and to go for it, teaching the insights and tools needed to thrive in the unknown. In 2022, The Upside of Uncertainty was published by HBR as a complete guide for navigating under uncertainty.


We believe that embracing uncertainty requires courage, wisdom, and dedication. As a center of learning, our mission is to empower teams and individuals to unlock the transformative potential hidden within the unknown. Discover how uncertainties can be harnessed and transformed into extraordinary opportunities that align with your dreams and aspirations.


A variety of modes teach the UP Framework, with options for both teams and individuals


The UP Tools are the foundation for understanding and strengthening our uncertainty ability.


For everyone interested in upsides, earnestness, hope, and change in our own lives and in the world.

We are interested in curious partnerships with you or your organization. Get in touch with us to explore ideas!

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