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Who We Help

 UP school is about encouraging people, including ourselves, to see possibility and go for it (instead of limiting ourselves when uncertainty looms large).

Uncertainty Possibility is a journey that happens on an individual level first before you can inspire and help others. Leaders, entrepreneurs, parents, neighbors...we all need tools to navigate uncertainty.

How We Do It

 UP school teaches methods for navigating uncertainty through live workshops, the book, online course, and community.

Nathan teaches complex concepts dynamically and is equally at home on stage in front of big crowds or writing frantically in a quiet corner. 

Susannah prefers to sit down with both friends and strangers to figure out how to coax things to thrive.  We both love ideas and come to them with different brains and styles so we cover the bases.

Why We Need You

We envision a community of individuals sharing their personal experiences of transilience when they transformed uncertainty into possibility. We want to know what is helpful and what would be even more helpful. 

We aren't experts but curious observers and know that you have a lot to teach us. Contact us with your feedback, good or bad, and we will try to implement it, as the UP project unfolds. 

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