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We look to stories to entertain and distract us from our own lives and to learn about the past or from contemporary tales that enlarge our minds. Do we realize we live out the stories on repeat in our heads--the ones that limit or expand us based on past experiences or what others have told us is possible? Do we realize we are writing a story every day through the actions and choices we take? These personal internal stories seem benign but are terribly powerful. 


Like the frames of adjacent possible and infinite games, our STORIES frame can lead us to more proactively seek possibility. When we pair the authentic story of who we are (what we love and feel called to and what we are inherently skilled at) with a possibility story that is dynamic and one we would want to pull off the shelf and read later, we create a map of where we are headed and are more likely to not get lost.  When we make a mistake, encounter an obstacle or come up against a naysayer, the story provides a compass through the discouragement and ambiguity. 

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