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Zebra Crossing

Infinite Game

No one likes to play with cheaters but an endearing aspect of contrarians is that they question the nature of the rules or boundaries of games. They point out the incongruencies or stupidity of the way we are all militantly coloring in the lines when we don't have to. Taken from James Carse's work that encourages us to become more "infinite" in how we live, this tool boils down our traditional success metric (being the winner) to reveal that that method ultimately just ends the game. Why is that a good thing? The infinite game is one less bent on narrow and restrictive competition and more on keeping the game in play.  

How does this relate to uncertainty? Just as certainty is finite and known, uncertainty benefits from players who understand they can bend some rules and boundaries to effect better outcomes that are more inclusive and sustainable. An INFINITE GAME frame is tricky and clever because it will get you to do things, even seeing your own place in it all, in illuminated ways.  

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