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Framing describes the vantage point from which we view a situation that impacts both our decision and sense making processes.   

Numerous academic studies have demonstrated that humans will go to great lengths to avoid loss. Scenarios of uncertainty automatically register as high on the potential loss scale so we often choose or cling to options that feel more certain even when they are inferior to what we really want.  

Understanding the power of framing is the first tool within the REFRAME section because it's helpful to remind yourself that a fear of loss is hardwired into your brain! We use framing to reframe uncertainty as but the shadow of possibility--what possibilities could we gain from this uncertainty?


If you find yourself forcing certain or known outcomes just to get out of the moment of uncertainty as fast as possible, step back and consider how it's your reptile brain preferring certainty. It might even feel like a dire warning, and sometimes it can be, but most of the time in order to evolve for higher possibility you have to suspend your preference for certainty and be willing to "lose" the current known option in favor of the possibility you would gain that just hasn't emerged yet. 

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