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Small Steps

We often champion mega-trends or rises to stardom as lucky “overnight” successes but usually the reality couldn’t be further from that. The fast track we perceive hides the “failed” experiments and iterations that didn’t quite work but fuelled the next attempt. While Pokemon Go did gross 100 million in twenty days, it took twenty years to become the mobile app that took the entire world by storm at its peak.


Like 10,000 shots, repeated experiments ensure that we do our best work and that we don’t prematurely quit something or miss out on opportunities to improve the quality of what we are engaged with.

"I think it is best to face a challenge as getting through the next twenty-four hours as brilliantly, as truthfully, as clearly, and as kindly as you possibly can. This is how goals are met; friends are made and retained; sanity is kept at a safe distance; your work matures; and you are seen in the clearest, truest light. The acceptance of genius comes in the long-term, but the work that might be labeled as such is done in tiny, deliberate steps—in the next twenty-four hours." —  Martha Graham

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