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The world is full of infinite possibilities simultaneously hovering, appearing, evaporating and reforming ...on repeat. This reality can feel paralyzing until you surrender to the fact that so much of what happens is beyond your control. When we pair this surrender with a striving for dreams anyway we enter the realm of magic. By “magic” we mean the sudden leaps of insight, the serendipitous encounters, the fortuitous events and the exquisite moments that seem too “perfect” to be true.Pay attention, like an artist, attentive to and seeking serendipity and inspiration. 

Go along for the ride of your life. Don’t take things too seriously or personally. Cultivate your garden.


From the latin, “remember you must die,” this practice is an ancient form of meditating on the uncertainty that we will all die in order to infuse more vibrant living and joy into the days you have.

Memento Mori

If technology is any phenomenon put to use, what technologies are you using and why? Being intentional about adding philosophy, art, poetry, music, and other “high techs” makes more room for magic.

Techs You Live By

When we live as if something were true, we enable it to become so.

As If

Empathy, compassion, service all reward the giver and the receiver.  When people are kind during times of their own struggle or stress they experience less distress and more hope.

Helping Others

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