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Why do people explore? For some it could be the thrill of discovery and for others, a preference for being far from the crowd. Frontiers often conjure up images of exotic locales or the Wild West--both feel slightly dangerous since they exist outside the demands of time and the propriety of civilization.  

In reality, there is a frontier for every aspect of our life: social, emotional, physical, financial, career, skill, geographic and dozens more (gastronomic frontier anyone?) In each of these arenas, a frontier exists and we are either aware of it because we are exploring it and attempting new possibility, or we are unaware of it because we haven't considered there is a frontier awaiting us. Maybe we fall somewhere in between but whatever your proximity to your frontiers, you don't have to go anywhere to shift substantially what's possible.  


 To put it bluntly, frontiers are where new things happen. Creativity exists at the frontiers, not in repeating the same thing over and over. When you reframe FRONTIERS as where you might do your best work and feel most alive, you invite a cornucopia of new possibilities into your life. 


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