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It can be tempting to think of emotions as unfortunate evolutionary byproducts, signs of weakness to be avoided.  But they play an important role in our functioning that should not be ignored. Emotional hygiene involves consistent and skillful care of our emotional “bodies.” Practice being your own comfort, a caretaker who knows and assists you to deliver the possibility you are striving for.

Ride the Waves

Emotions come in waves, with highs and lows. Dispute negative beliefs and know that the cycle is natural—everyone feels it.  If you’re in a low, the resolution and peace are coming

Connection & Community

We are sustained by enriching communities. Surround yourself with others who are optimistic. Connect with others from whom you can learn. 


Our senses bypass the thinking brain and bring immediate comfort.  Use them to bring calm and create a haven at home—no matter your situation.

Hope is Active

Hope isn’t something that happens, it is an active choice to believe our dreams into being, even when they are on shaky ground.

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