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Values vs Goals

How can you set yourself up so you can never fail? While goal-setting has been shown to be effective in achieving certain outcomes, so often we choose goals that are completely out of our control or focus on fleeting rewards. When we doggedly pursue narrowly-defined notions of success, we limit the possibilities available to us and set ourselves up for disappointment.


Thinking more broadly about desirable outcomes will help you move forward in a sustainable way because remaining true to your values is always within your control. When you navigate any situation based on your authentic criteria, you free up expectations you can't control and even the "flops" carry promise. How? Hard work and honest attempts driven by values bring enduring satisfaction, growth and learning no matter what happens. When one thing comes to an end, you just harness all the benefits you gleaned from that project and funnel it into the next thing that aligns with your values and the virtuous cycle continues...

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