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The Upside of Uncertainty: Tools for turning Uncertainty into Possibility

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Uncertainty is increasing. 

It's always been here but not like this, and it's not going away.

We believe it's a journey we're all on anyway but gearing up for it with tools fit to the task helps us navigate beyond the chaos in a  brilliant way. Everyone is worthy of living into a fulfilling life.

When we reframe each uncertainty we encounter as possibility, we invoke transilience: from Latin transiliens, to leap across or over from one thing to another. Since we are all experiencing uncertainty, possibility awaits all of us...we just have to grasp how to leap over to where it is.

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Squares of brilliant color merge to form the shape of a cross—the international symbol for first aid

Uncertainty can make us feel more alone than we really are. Problems feel bigger and options feel scarce. If we join up with others on a similar quest to live into  possibility, our individual journeys will feel brighter and more hopeful.  

A possibility mindset is contagious! 

Facing uncertainty takes courage, wisdom, and dedication. We use a shimmering red cross as a beacon which anchors the four stages of Uncertainty Possibility. 

Each phase has several tools and the idea is for you to use what resonates for you. Through both text descriptions and recorded sessions we share how they help individuals find transilience.

Uncertainty possibility grows with our intention and practice.

  We are listeners and believe it's critical to workshop these tools--much like writers do with drafts--to hone and claim them for use in tricky situations.

Join us for a live workshop to learn and practice UPTools through story and application. Warning: we are talkers, too.

Contact us if you are interested but cannot pay for this course.  UP is for everyone.

Speech bubble extending from the image of the statue, which holds the translation "I'm listening."

I'm listening (French)

Susannah and Nathan with a cake. Susannah is telling jokes into a megaphone

UP  Team


Nathan and Susannah Furr met while doing research on zombies. They are curious about factories, cultures & traditions, how people make decisions, and being happy.  They love contrarians and champion anyone and everything that is heartwarming and authentic.  To that end, they started The Earnest Project with their four kids. 


Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, they now live in Paris, France which is a perfect fit for them except for one thing:

"C'est impossible!" (The French are always saying this...)


The Furrs founded the UP School because possibility is infinite, and no one can claim it's not.


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